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Rhys has been a member of our club for many years and won our Out of town Cup in 2014

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Members, it is with much sadness we bring you the terrible news of the passing of fellow surfing brother Les Morgan Good Friday morning. Many would have seen and spoken with Les in the surf that morning, speaking of his love for his grand kids, planning his next holiday in the Caravan with them. Les was happy telling us all this morning he was off to Lancelin with Sue to celebrate a belated 60th Birthday.

For our many members who do not know Les he was one of our founding members , Ex President and great club person.

To Sue and the boys we share your grief today and tomorrow, a sad loss of an all round good person who has been taken from us too young.

Rest in peace Les
The legendary 12th “bombing range cup “ between Cottesloe and Mullaloo Longboard Clubs which represents the most engaged long boarders in the world, competing for real estate rights to any beach area access in the area for twelve months to the winner, was held Saturday 19th of March.

Mullaloo had held the prized jewel for three years and were strong contenders to defend the “holy grail’’on home soil “, North Mullaloo” , or via debate, North, North Cottesloe.

The revered trophy a 5 inch shell casing found at bombing range by a Mullaloo member prospecting for ordnance in a prohibited area represents the close bond between the tribes of both clubs.
Mother nature offered three to four foot waves with offshore conditions and the threat of thunderstorms looming.

The format for the competition is that each surfer catches two waves and retreats to the beach to beat up the judges.

Even with many members unable to attend on the Saturday , both clubs fielded strong line ups for the event.

Thanks go to our surfers and the many competitors who judged the event and handed out winners cheques.

Mullaloo started strongly but in the last gasps of battle cott struck back with a strong performance from our “A team” and back up plan 54 b.

To the Cott gang, who will be given free membership in 2020, well done, Ken , Mark , Rob , Rowan, Catweasel , Richo, Solo, Paul, Leslie, Rian and Jarrah, job done.

Looking forward to next year, ps “ keep ya fins wet !


New junior club members Georgia Simich & Paris Chisolm competing at Iso's. Georgia  celebrated riding her new surfboard and scoring a first in her heat, on her birthday, with her new surfing friends.