See also notes below...
Competition will be held on Saturday or Sunday to get best conditions

End of Year Function @ Left Bank Hotel - Sunday 26th November
Yallingup Malibu Classic - 2nd to 3rd December

Registration Day BBQ Isoís - Saturday 20th January 12.00pm
Round 1 - 3rd or 4th February Wedge Island
State Round 1 Yallingup
Bombing Range Cup - 24th Feb Wedge Island
Labour day weekend 3rd to 5th March
Round 2 - 10th or 11th March Wedge Island or Isoís
Easter 30th March to 2nd April
Round 3 - 7th or 8th April Isoís
Out of Town Cup Denmark - Sat21st April - Anzac day is Wed 25th
Round 4 - 5th or 6th May
Motherís day 13th May
State Round 2 Denmark
Round 5- 26th or 27th May
Winter Classic Geraldton 2nd - 4th June Long weekend
Out of Country Cup - Bali Sun 17th June at Berawa beach
Round 6 - 23 or 24th June
Whalebone Classic - 13th to 15th July
Round 7 - 28th or 29th July
Fatherís day 2nd September
Round 8 -11th or 12th August
Round 9- 8th or 9th September
Round 10- 6th or 7th October
Round 11- 26th or 27th October
Yallingup Malibu Classic - 1st to 2nd December
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details Competition details 2018

This year there are 10 comps scheduled to be run either on the Saturday or
Sunday of the weekend to give us best option for waves. If the comp is not
held on the planned weekend we will have the option to move to the
following weekend only. All comps are booked with the Cottesloe council.
The call on the comp is usually made on the Wednesday/ Thursday before
the weekend.

Of the 10 comps it is planned to have 3 of these dedicated to Loggers and
Old Mal. This could well be at a time when waves are expected to be
smaller. With the Logger division it will be divided into 3 categories - Open,
under 50 and Over 50. Old Mal will remain one division only.
The 7 other comps will be Performance rounds and will be judged for
performance surfing so rewarded for speed, power and manoeuvres in
critical part of the waves. Logger type surfing in these comps will not be
scored as high.

Scoring in divisions for the win and place for end of year trophies will be
the total of results from the best 3 rounds, and for Old Mal and Loggers it
will be results from best 2 rounds.

Members will again be divided into groups and an Open division will return
and the Club champion will be determined from this group. Your
placement in the groups will be determined by your placing in the comps
2016. New members will be placed in a group after surfing a couple of
heats. Juniors and Woman will be kept in a separate group.

With the Open division heats more experienced judges will only be selected
to ensure consistency of scoring. All competitors should judge a heat or
two on the day. A judging time sheet will be on the main board to put
down when you can judge. Members are encouraged to attend the
Surfing WA judging courses and the club will pay. Several members
completed this course last year.
It has now been decided by committee that in the second round of the day
we will surf everyone again in their groups rather than mixing up heats
according to place in first round.

On Competition day please be there at 7am to register. On arrival make
sure your name tag is placed on the present board- once there are 4 or 5
present for a group they are then put into a heat on main board. Heats
will get under way 7.30am if ready to go. On the day the heat length time
and number to a heat will be decided according to conditions. At times the
number of waves to be caught in a heat may be reduced- it is normally 10
to a heat.

Results for all the comps so far will be posted soon.
Steve Becker - Competition Director 0422 480 569