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We are a club that believes that surfing is an activity that can be accomplished and enjoyed by men and women, boys and girls of all age groups and that surfing can be a family as well as an individual activity!

Social activities and relationships plus friendly surfing activity with like minded people are the key ingredients of a happy and vibrant Surfing community!

And we're a club that believes that having fun in the waves and on the beach is a Prime priority! The ocean - its gifts and its spirit, its moods and its power, its colors and its temperament is to be respected and enjoyed by all, whether simply watching or being part of the action!

We, as a collective of caring people, promote safety in the water and actively promote conservation of the ocean and its environs!

We're a club that believes in healthy and spirited but friendly competition and hope you enjoy our Pages.
Next Round for 2019 is scheduled for 22-23/6/19 - see Facebook Page events for details
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